International Division

ABC Advisors and Consultants has a team of specialists in national and international taxation who offer advice to both individuals and legal entities in any type of operation, transaction or matter with legal and tax implications.

With the opening of our country to foreign investment, there are more and more private people and companies throughout the world wishing to invest in Andorra and, with our international division, we can give support in the various investment transactions that they wish to carry out in the Principality, offering practical and innovative solutions to achieve the tax optimization of their transactions.

We also cooperate with various offices of great prestige and professional quality, financial entities and financial intermediaries, in order to give service to all our clients who wish to carry out transactions or investments in any other country.

There are two areas of action in this division:

  • Analysis and tax planning for foreign investment in Andorra
  • Planning for people moving to Andorra: residence without work and active residence
  • Advice and management for direct investment in real estate
  • Company formation in the Principality of Andorra
  • Comprehensive management of Andorran companies (mercantile, employment, accounting and taxation)
  • Formation of foundations in the Principality of Andorra
  • Taxation for non-residents
  • Legal, financial and tax assistance in operations for internationalization in companies wishing to establish themselves in Andorra (franchises, branches, permanent establishments, holding companies, etc.)
  • (...)
  • Optimization of the management of income and assets
  • Restructuring family company groups
  • Succession planning
  • Asset planning
  • Tax planning for investments abroad
  • Tax planning in company internationalization processes
  • Optimization of capital gains, dividends, interest, fees and royalties
  • International policies on transfer prices
  • Advice on International Double Tax Conventions
  • Tax planning for Andorrans resident abroad
  • (...)