Intellectual Property Division

At ABC Advisors and Consultants, through our status as agents accredited by the Andorran Trade Marks Office, and as lawyers specialising in Intellectual Property, we can offer our clients a total service in everything to do with rights arising from trade marks, patents, copyright and others similar, intangible assets which, for a company, form an essential asset and differential value when competing in the market and fundamental in structuring the short, medium and long-term strategies.

Our areas of action in this division are:

TRADE MARKS                    Authorization in PDF to download
  • Registration and renewal of trade marks in the Principality of Andorra
  • Entries in the Andorran Trade Marks Registry (licences, assignments, changes of name, changes of address, etc.)
  • Search and investigation services
  • Applications for authorization for State Signs
  • Foreign registrations (Community and International trade marks, and for other countries)
  • (...)
  • The Andorran Law on Patents was approved in 1999 and the Implementing Regulation has still not been developed. As soon as the relevant legal texts are approved, ABC Advisors and Consultants will be able to offer services in this area.
  • Applications for the registration of domain names .ad
  • Renewals of domain names .ad
  • Resolving incidents
  • (...)
  • Advice on the installation and security of mechanisms to comply with the legislation on personal data protection in force in the Principality of Andorra
  • Creation, alteration and cancellation of files in the General Registry of the Andorran Data Protection Agency
  • Preparing circulars on privacy and commitments of confidentiality for employees with access to personal data
  • Drawing up contracts between the file manager and the data processing engineer
  • Analysis and preparation of documentation for the assignment of data to third parties
  • Drawing up legal reports on procedures and data processing
  • New technology contracts, their revision and adaptation
  • Advice on electronic commerce
  • Drawing up legal notices for web sites
  • Legal advice in matters of electronic signature, computer rights and contracting
  • Legal advice in matters of intellectual property: franchises, licences, copyright, distribution contracts, technology transfer agreements, defence of competition, precautionary measures, preliminary enquiries, etc.
  • Administrative appeals against the decisions of the Andorran Trade Marks Office
  • Legal requirements and claims for infringement, expiry, invalidity and unfair competition
  • Tax planning for trade marks and patents