General conditions of contracting

Contracting the ONLINE CONSULTATION service of the web means full acceptance, with no reservations, of each and every one of the following general conditions of contracting.

The services offered by this website are supplied by lawyers, economists and tax advisers.

Purpose. These General Conditions are for the purpose of contracting the Online Consultation service offered in the web in exchange for the fees indicated by ABC Assessors i Consultors, paid in advance by the client, the service being provided by the lawyers, economists and tax advisers of the professional office.

Capacity to contract. In accordance with the legislation applicable, to receive the Online Consultation service the client must have the necessary legal capacity to contract.

Description of the Online Consultation Service provided through Internet. The fees, requirements, aspects included and excluded, and the conditions under which the service is provided, are given in the section on “requirements and conditions”.

Fees. The fees will be a minimum of 25 euro for consultations which can be answered immediately without requiring any specific study of documentation or legislation. For cases where it is necessary to prepare a legal report or other services, ABC Assessors i Consultors will ask the client for the information necessary to fix the fees and the amount will be communicated by e-mail to the client, the latter being freely able to accept the professional service or refuse, without paying any amount. The amount indicated is closed and includes all the taxes applicable.

Form of payment. The client pays the fees using the Pay by Mail system which requires payment by credit/debit card.

The fraudulent use of credit cards or refusal of acceptance, for whatever reason, will give ABC Assessors i Consultors the right to cancel the contract offered, without prejudice to the civil and criminal liabilities which may be incurred.

Method of contracting. To engage the “Online Consultation” service the client must complete the essential fields of the relevant form.

Validity of contract. These general conditions are applicable at the time when the client gives agreement, which will be understood to take place on payment of the corresponding fees.